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Robots Safety Training

A3 Mexico


This training is aimed to machinery manufacturers engineering, systems integrators and maintenance personnel responsible for maintaining and/or modifying the security control systems in robotic cells. The attendees will know the basis of the structure and requirements of the applicable standards to achieve reliable and safe control in robot cells, they will know the basis of a risk analysis according to the standard, as well as the requirements to an emergency stop in machinery, the principles of selection and protection design used as interlocks for access in dangerous areas.

Is Required

· Basic knowledge of electricity and electronic.
· Basic knowledge in industrial robots.


This basic course offers an overview of the applicable standards for safety in cells with industrial robots according to the ISO 10218-1, ISO10218-2.


· Introduction to Robot Safety
· Robot Safety Legislation and Standards

  • Legislation
  • Standards
  • Robot Standards

· Robot Hazards

  • Risk Assessment
  • Robot Specific Hazards
  • Required Safety Control Performance

· Robots Safety Solutions

  • Introduction / Hierarchy of Control
  • Internal Robot Safety Features
  • Persons Working in the Vicinity
  • Robot Operators
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Teaching / Program Verification

· Introduction to Collaborative Robots ISO TS 15066
· Verification / Validation / Compliance
· Robot Safety Solutions – Case Study


Duration: 8 Hours


If you need further information or have any questions please contact


Claudia Sofía Rodríguez Argüelles

Marketing & Membership Manager
[email protected]

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